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The Sagewash Sanitizer
The Sagewash Sanitizer presents a balance between simplicity and sophistication in continuous flow disinfection that has resulted in immediate acceptance by a varied group of users operating in a broad range of industrial, public and private sectors, inlcuding: Food Service & Hospitality, Restaurants, Agriculture, Leisure and in the Animal Care sector including Equine and Canine livery, rescue and boarding market segments.

Sagewash is a hand held spray gun that produces a constant flow of sanitizing Hypochlorous Acid.  It has a screw on, centrally mounted cylindrical container that holds a solid capsule of Calcium Hypochlorite. When a water supply from a standard 12mm hosepipe is attached, the water fills the container, wets the capsule and the dilution is fed to the patented venturi which produces an accurate mixture. This mixture is Hypochlorous Acid, which is a potent disinfectant. The output pH is approximately 7.8 and the free available chlorine concentration (FAC), is controlled at approximately 70ppm. Hypochlorous Acid at this pH is almost neutral and has no negative effects on humans or animals. The sanitized area can be occupied immediately after cleansing without further washdown or quarantine periods.

The simplicity aspect is in the easy to hold, easy to use design. The capsule simply drops into the container and the container is screwed hand tight. Attach the hose, press the trigger and adjust the output nozzle from jet to spray as you wish, to maintain constant coverage.

Sophistication is the keynote of the venturi and its ability to control the concentration of output fluid, so that the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) is kept at around 780 and the

FAC between 70 and 90 ppm depending upon input flow rate. Unlike many disinfecting systems, the Sagewash maintains a continuous flow of sanitizing fluid for the life of the capsule. A capsule will provide full flow sanitizing for 3.5 hours from new.  The Sagewash is supplied with a tub of 6 capsules. The useage rate is such that this guarantees that the Sagewash is both highly effective and economic to use.

Continuous Flow Disinfection
As the work rate and pressures on both space and equipments in the commercial and industrial environment increases, it is an essential health and safety requirement that absolute cleanliness is maintained and, almost as important, that the methods of disinfection keep pace with the constant demand.   Mopping a floor or even hosing down a floor simply moves pathogens from one place to another. A Sagewash gives a continuously flowing disinfecting action. It kills bacteria, fungal spores and viruses on contact. It can be used on floors, in toilets, washrooms, bathrooms, waste disposal areas, drains, food delivery platforms, as a pre-process rinse for delivered vegetables, to wash down chopping blocks and bench tops and to rinse larger utensils and containers.

The unit can be drained in less than 30 seconds and then stored ready for use as required. The Sagewash Sanitizer is a quantum leap forward in delivering total sanitising. On demand within seconds, time after time, simple and sophisticated.

The Sagewash Sanitizer - Keeping Everything Cleaner


1. ECONOMICAL: User cost is an extension of chlorination level and the amount of water used. For example, in an animal shelter, the cost will be under one half cent per gallon of disinfectant solution.

2. ONE-STEP WASHDOWN OPERATION: SAGEWASH provides a continually renewed source of hypochlorite disinfectant throughout the wash down process. Because of this and the "roll-over" effect of wash down, SAGEWASH can disinfect the environment and give the user the simplest, most efficient disinfectant tool available today. Unlike many other disinfectants, SAGEWASH requires no pre-rinse and no potable water rinse afterwards to remove harmful chemical residues. Practically speaking, SAGEWASH means disinfection from the end of a hose.

3. NO BATCH-MIXING: Because of its "point-of-use" design, SAGEWASH eliminates the need for proportion, complex metering devices, and batch-mixing of chemicals by your workers. With SAGEWASH you only use what you need, no more. Furthermore, since there is no batch-mixing, SAGEWASH limits worker liability while enhancing worker safety and shortening the clean-up time.

4. STABILITY: Duration capsules (65%) are much more stable than the more commonly used sodium hypochlorite (5.25%). In dry storage it loses 5% of its strength in 18 months while sodium hypochlorite (bleach) can lose up to 50% strength in 60 days!

5. NON-CORROSIVE: SAGEWASH's unique ability to dispense calcium hypochlorite (a solid into a liquid) insures controlled pH. Most of the corrosion associated with hypochlorites occurs from the use of sodium hypochlorite (household bleach) and its excessive alkalinity. Control of pH also means a high percentage of the most active chlorine disinfectant, hypochlorous acid.

6. NO HARMFUL CHEMICAL RESIDUES: The active disinfectant provided by SAGEWASH and Duration tablets disinfects, deodorizes, and performs its functions before it ceases to containoxidizing properties. It is then reduced to a chloride and loses all its disinfectant qualities. Chlorides are inert and naturally occurring and environmentally friendly.

7. ODOUR CONTROL: With SAGEWASH there are no obnoxious, unpleasant odors. Most odors are ammonia/nitrogen based. Duration capsules, with their 65% available chlorine, provide enough chlorine to "burn through" ammonia. The low-yield (5.25%) chlorine provided by household bleach is insufficient to "burn through." Instead, the low-yield chlorine forms a bond with the nitrogen and creates chloramines. Chloramines produce the obnoxious, pungent odor many people associate with "chlorine disinfection.”


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